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//Web Design: Realistic Fundamentals.

Web Design: Realistic Fundamentals.

Web Design:  Realistic Fundamentals.
A messed up digital home is one that ignores basic essentials required for its website. Here’s a quickie checklist to help sort your bedlam of website slip-ups.

Personality- Who and What.

Website design should reflect the who and what of your product, company or service. Adding a personality to your website is priority.

Action- Effectual Interaction

Place your company contact info ubiquitously, especially front and centre to get the first spark of rapport. Once this is done, don’t let your customers wander off looking for info. Give them the words and the links, within the next three seconds.

Style- Tools with pleasing Impact.

Capitalise on the white space. The more the white space the more the space for interacts. Compactly written info pushes away the readers to amble off into other sites. Avoid Website vernacular keeping a visually simple yet attractive content. Space out your lines. Leave out wordy sentences. Use visual hierarchy to steer them through the content in the right order. The basic tools being colour and font; stick to two colours and bigger fonts.

Interest – Navigation success.
Once the readers move in the direction you want, ensure interesting links and info take them to your destination.

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